Burned….The Beginning

Time to run. Grabbing my Browning Hi-Power I pulled it from my back and aimed while I ran out of the room. I fired once, then again and the two men in front of me went down. Another man shot at me and I slid on my hip and shot him square in the chest. I flipped back up and kicked the other man in the face as I turned down the hallway and swung my fist and connected with the third man’s face as I kicked the second man in the knee and brought my knee to his face. When he was down I grabbed the third man and flipped him over my shoulder on top of the second man and quickly dodged the first man as he swung his fist at me.

Doing a quick backflip, I picked up the Browning from where it had been dropped and swung it to connect with the man’s jaw. There was a crack and I didn’t wait for him to fall before I swung the gun again and hit him in the back of the head. I continued running down the hall until I found a set of double doors. Sliding my gun back in the spot where I had it hidden and pushed open the door.

“I’d been wondering when you would be getting here. I was beginning to get worried.”

“You know me. I hate to disappoint.” I took a few steps forward and heard the click of a gun. I stopped and put my hand behind me. “I won’t go back.”

“You don’t have a choice.”

“Yes I do.” I held my hand just above the gun and watched as he walked out of the shadows. There was a time, not long ago when seeing that face would have sent chills down my spine and the butterflies loose in my stomach. But those days were gone.

“What are you going to do? Shoot me?” My voice stayed even and level and I gave myself a quick applause on the inside. “Is that what you’re here for?” He took a few steps towards me and before he could blink I had the gun out and aimed at his point blank at his head. “You’ve gotten better. Not that you weren’t amazing before.”

He took another few steps towards me and I cocked the gun. “Don’t.” My voice was lower and harder now and he noticed. “Liv.”

“My orders are you bring you in, whether you want to or not. Don’t make me shoot you.”

“Do you have the balls to do it?” He took the last remaining step and I saw the glint of the gun he held in his hand. “Do you?” I asked.

“Think you could shoot me before I shoot you?”

“Is this really what you want?” I stared into those blue eyes and tried to read what he was thinking, but he always was able to hide his emotions and thoughts. “Let’s see.” He lifted the gun but I was faster and my left foot swung in a fan kick and hit him straight on. He fell to the ground and I kicked the gun away from him.

I leaned down and looked at his face.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I took the cellular out of my pocket and dialed the only phone number listed and waited until I heard the soft click. “Agent zero sixteen requesting immediate evacuation. Location 50° 4′ 59 latitude and 14° 28′ 0 longitude.” I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket. Lifting his arm I put it around my shoulder and hoisted his body up until he was over my shoulder and I stood up.

“Put on a few kilograms haven’t we?” I took a deep breath and began my way back down the hall toward the elevator. All the men were still on the ground which I sent up a silent prayer. Last thing I needed right now was to have to fight while I had an extremely heavy man on my shoulders.

An old saying my grandmother used to say popped into my head as I slid him off my shoulders in the elevator. ‘Love means that you are always there to carry one another, through the hardest of times and the best of times, no matter what.’ Just the memory of that made me laugh. I highly doubt grandmother meant “carrying” literally. But here I was, literally carrying a man I used to love. Sometimes I just got the feeling the Gods did things like this just for a few laughs.

The doors opened and an elderly couple were waiting to get on but they stopped when they saw me hoisting him back onto my shoulders. “He’s had a very hard day,” I told them in Czech. They both just gawked and stared as this medium sized, medium build auburn wearing a low cut baby blue dress with a brown suede jacket carrying a man on her shoulders. But they didn’t say anything and I continued on my way out the door.

There was a black Škoda Superb B6 waiting in front of the hotel and two men quickly got out of the car and took the man from my shoulders. They put him in the backseat and I slid in next to him. As soon as the door was closed the car took off. “Your plane leaves in fifty minutes from Ruzyne-Prague Airport. Here are your passports.” The man in the passenger seat handed me two passports and I quickly looked at them before sliding them in the bag at my feet.

“What about customs?”

“All taken care of. You’ll be taking a private jet. You will arrive in London in less than three hours.” The man’s accent was extremely thick but I understood him. “Good.”

“We’ll be a the airport in fifteen minutes. There is a change of clothing in bag.” He turned around and I unzipped the bag and pulled out a pair of jeans and a red wine colored blouse. I pulled the pants on first and then carefully put on the blouse so I didn’t reveal anything to the strangers in the front.

They weren’t lying, we were at the airport and just as they said there was a jet waiting and as I walked up and handed them the tickets the two men carried our live cargo into the plane and helped him into a seat. Within ten minutes we were taking off and I was sitting with my nose in a book while the man next to me was still knocked out.


Where There’s Smoke….

A week ago tomorrow, my family and I were displaced due to a smoldering fire located in the attic of the home we are living in. This has been such a devastating, heartbreaking situation and the end seems so far. As of right now, we are staying in a hotel the Insurance found for us, but it seems we’ll be staying in an apartment here once all the details are worked out. This means that all of our belongings, which were not ruined in the fire will have to be moved to a storage facility until we can move back into the house.

A Contractor has been hired and now the real work will begin. At least my family is safe and uninjured, but this really puts a sad cloud over the Holidays. Seems such a long way until we’ll have life back to working order.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Sunday Night

We got snow yesterday evening so there has been a very sharp wind in the air and a chill that cuts to the bone. I’m planning on updating the beginning of one of my works here soon, so I’m excited to see if I get any response or feedback. I’ve had a fairly long day without doing much and I’m ready to head home, wrap up in the blankets and snuggle.

My best,

Emma Kate

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Seeing as this is my first post, in my first blog, I should explain the reason I started this blog. As a writer I’ve only submitted my first novel to one publisher, and it was rejected. I’ve since written two more novels and I have yet to get an Agent. But I thought it would be fun to begin writing my experiences as an unpublished author and the journey towards getting published. Its going to be a long, arduous journey, but its one I’m excited to make.

I’ve been writing all my life and I’ve always been interested in being published. I’ve only had one poem published, a small victory, but I’m always willing to help others with their writing and get help from others. That’s why I wanted to put a bit of my work on here. I hope I can get some valuable input and information and I hope others enjoy what I have to offer. So please feel free to comment, to explore and enjoy. But as any author would say, THE CONTENT PUBLISHED ON THIS BLOG BELONGS TO ME AND ME ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE COPIED, USED OR STOLEN IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM.


Best to you,

❤ Emma Kate ❤